Everyday sexism


“Mum, look at that man. Look at his T-shirt!”
We’re walking around the supermarket and Dan has his outraged voice on.
“Look mum. Quick before he goes. You need to see this”.
The guy in question is wearing a T-shirt with what can best be described as a scantily-clan woman emblazoned across the front. From his neckline to the hem.

“I don’t like that,” Dan tells me. “It doesn’t seem right.”
He’s staring with his face crinkled up in disgust.

“I mean, I bet he doesn’t even know her, mum.”

Ten is SUCH A great age.


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9 Responses to Everyday sexism

  1. Kate Sutton says:

    Top kid x

  2. Expat Mum says:

    LOL. (I was a bit confused – I thought you meant that "Genius" was sexist!)
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  3. MsXpat says:

    Awh how sweet. How it some one so young can understand that but not an 'adult'. Ah well, the world is a better place with every young man who has respect for women :0)

  4. MummaG says:

    What a clever and thoughtful little man you have there!
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  5. Boris says:

    it's good to see we've all decided 10 year olds are fit to be our moral compasses, what next? Shall we send Dora the Explorer to be our peace envoy to the middle east? Of course he doesn't understand, he doesn't have a libido, it may be a bit awkward but why should the older guy be punished for having one?

    • Tara says:

      Hmm. I thinking you've completely read something into this post that isn't there. It's simply an illustration of something funny a 10 year old said. Their innocence. Not sure WHERE you think I wrote that I didn't approve or that the guy was wrong to wear said Tshirt.
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