Inspiration: World Photography Day 2013

“More than ‘just’ a picture and more than ‘just’ art. A photograph is a memory frozen in time, emotions and all”

I received a lovely email this week from a photographer with an awesome idea.
His name is Korske and back in 2009 he launched World Photography Day – the idea being to simply celebrate photography, whether you’re an amateur, a hobbyist or a professional.

I ran World Photography Day as a Gallery theme back in 2011 and Korske emailed to say this year he’s hoping it will be bigger and better and reach as many photographers as he can.

So, again we will run it as a Gallery theme, but I’d like to think that in this little corner of the internet we can help put a global focus on photography for this one day of the year.

That day is August 19 so watch this space for the theme.
In the meantime Korske has a new website with information, ideas and events.

World Photography Day

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  1. Mary says:

    Sounds like an intriguing idea. I think it's good that we all have a go at taking pictures rather than worry about not been good at it.
    My recent post Dry At Night

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