They love each other really

brother and sister 2

brother and sister

These are the pictures I get every time I ask the kids to stand together so I can get a photo of the two of them.
Brother and sisterly love right there.
I remember the days when it was easy to snap photos of them; all cute and smiley and together and picture perfect.
Those days move on my friends. I’m just delighted I managed to get them within breathing distance of each other and looking relatively normal.

I’m particularly proud of the tattoos.


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3 Responses to They love each other really

  1. Kara says:

    Love these pictures – sums up siblings perfectly. I rarely get a decent picture of mine as they're pulling faces at each other or trying to out pose!!

  2. yes they sound perfectly normal to me…

  3. Mummy Vs Work says:

    Great picture!

    Mine are a pain to get together now as toddlers so god help me in a few years!
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