The Photo Gallery 145: Inspirational Women

Jay Mountford Photographer

I met this woman through Twitter.
This loud, larger than life, full of life woman. Did I mention she’s loud?
She walks into a room and fills it.
She has Lived and when you meet her you know it.
She has transformed her career from an amazing cellist (I only know she was amazing because she told me!) to an in-demand wedding photographer.
She’s worked her guts out and is finally – I think she’d agree – living her dream. Because she adores her job.
She’s worked her guts out because she wants the best for her two beautiful boys. And she wants the best for herself.
And she goes about it with a determination that’s inspiring to watch.

Some of you know her as Cosmicgirlie. Some of you know her as Jay Mountford wedding photographer. Now you all know her as an inspiration.
And yes, she does have a blue tongue in this photo!

This post is for for week 145 of The Gallery: Inspirational Women.
This theme was promted by a session at blogging conference CybHer, which highlighted the fact that very soon (other than the Queen) there will no longer be any women on UK bank notes.
When Elizabeth Fry is removed from the £5 note and replaced with Winston Churchill, that will be it. No more women.
If you want to follow the campaign visit NixdMinx’s blog to watch the bank note debate and find out who others are voting to be put on a bank not.

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17 Responses to The Photo Gallery 145: Inspirational Women

  1. Rachael says:

    Couldn't agree more. She's blooming amazing.
    My recent post 10 Things I Learned Whilst Writing a Book

  2. I bloody loves her I do 🙂

  3. Dawn Hart says:

    Awesome picture, I follow her tweets and absolutely love doing her Silent Sunday . Very Inspirational lady 🙂
    My recent post Meet Coco and Holly

  4. Mother Goutte says:

    That's a fab picture 🙂

  5. cosmicgirlie says:

    HAHAHAHHHH!!!!! Oh I blummin love this photo. Ahwww thank you so much!! I do like to grab life (and everything with it) by the balls, it must be said.

    I lick your face, lovely lady (and you're still going to help me with workshop thing, right? I'm STILL TICKING.) x
    My recent post Because SCREW YOU OSTEO PANTS.

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  7. The Fool says:

    Love that photo, never met Jay but from what I know of her online that sums her up pretty well
    My recent post No, I’m daddy

  8. she is pretty awesome xx
    My recent post lowri aka frog

  9. Spoke to her for the 1st time at this year's Cybher.
    Always loved her blog since 2011.
    Great photo!
    Liska x
    My recent post The Gallery – Inspirational Women

  10. Lous Lake Views says:

    Hehe! great photo. She sounds like an amazing woman
    My recent post The Gallery – Inspirational Women

  11. Christine says:

    She definitely sounds amazing!
    My recent post The Gallery – A little girl's inspiration

  12. Coombemill says:

    Fab photo, sounds like Cybher was awesome
    My recent post Fight for your lives little bunnies

  13. lauracymft says:

    Anyone who can go out there and follow their dreams is really inspiring! Lovely tribute to a lovely lady!
    My recent post Inspirational Women #TheGallery

  14. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    That is a fantastic photo – and it sounds like her personality is shining through in it. Lovely post.

  15. jenn belden says:

    She is awesome, I agree. (And not just because she turned me on to bacon and boursin sarnies). Fantastic shot of Jay – nice to see her in FRONT of a camera.
    My recent post I am only a DIYer on Pinterest. It’s a shame.

  16. Notmyyearoff says:

    I’ve never met but she’s definitely larger than life, does her own thing in a very unique way and works Very very hard. She makes me laugh a lot too and I don’t think I know anyone more obsessed with bacon! 🙂

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