Is this the best family holiday?

holiday cottage walks

According to my kids it is.
If ever I say we’re going on holiday, the first question is “who with?”. Not ‘where’ or ‘for how long’ or ‘are you coming too mum?’
To them the best family holiday is one where you travel with another family and their kids. And the dog, preferably.

So we did just that during the half term week. We gave them their ideal ideal holiday: And the husband and I crossed everything you can cross hoping the other family felt the same way about it all at the end of the week in which they would have no escape from us at the end of the day.

We found a stone cottage in Derbyshire, with four bedrooms, an Aga in the kitchen and open fires in the two living rooms.
And lots and lots of space.
The weather forecast was shockingly bad, so I jumped at the chance to take some new board games to test out when a PR emailed me just days before.
We took lots of food, lots of alcohol and aimed to chill . . .

We had no plans, other than to do as little as possible . . .

Our cottage holiday

This is our great find. A beautifully refurbished stone cottage, brought back to life by a couple with a love of keeping things authentic and not letting too much ‘modern’ creep in.
I walked in and did that wide-eyed, bite your bottom lip thing. We had totally landed on our feet.
I mean, just LOOK at the view out of the front door.

stone holiday cottage

holiday cottage view

holiday cottage fireplace

Cottage holiday aga

And this was pretty much our days: Big breakfast cooked on the Aga, walked the dogs come rain or shine, tramped over fields, got muddy and wet, came back to chill out, play games, chat, eat some more, drink, poke the fire, giggle.
We played a new board game called Dixit and the boys were totally hooked! These are lads raised on a diet of Minecraft and whatever other digital monstrosity they’re addicted to at any given time. But they loved this simple game which required you to use your imagination – which made it really inspiring to see three ‘too cool for school’ boys get excited about. A big tick from all of us.
Also we reached a milestone with one of my babies while out walking: Their dog taught our dog how to swim! *Proud mama face*.

holiday cottage mia

holiday cottage stile

holiday cottage ronin

swimming vizsla

holiday cottage dogs

holiday cottage boots


horse in field

vizsla posing

board games

dixit board game

The other games were pretty much all a hit too. Ingenious takes a bit of getting used to the instructions, but once we were into the swing of it, the kids loved that they had to really think about each move. It was a bit too young for Mia who decided to hitch herself onto a ‘partner’ and declare that she’d done all the work whenever they won.
Hey That’s My Fish is also a ‘thoughtful’ game, but the little tiles kept moving when they shouldn’t and it does take a bit of setting up each time.
All a big success though, which given that I’m quite sceptical about ‘new’ board games was very pleasantly surprising.

So, in conclusion, my kids were right; holidaying with friends in the middle of nowhere is pretty awesome.
It comes highly recommended by the Sticky Fingers household.

holiday cottage posing boys holiday cottage boys

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5 Responses to Is this the best family holiday?

  1. who needs theme parks, computers and such like. Pure simple plain fun with friends to boot – the makings of an ideal holiday

  2. iotamanhattan says:

    When I worked in a toy shop, I used to nab the demonstration games when we went on holiday. I came to the conclusion that sometimes (not always) it's the novelty factor that makes it fun. I found games would go down less well once we were home.

    I enjoyed trying new games, but I also like finding family favourites that just go on and on. I like the balance. Dixit sounds good – maybe one of the "go on and on" ones?

    Glad you had a good time. It does look like a perfect spot.

  3. heather@BuryFamilyLife says:

    This sounds perfect. The in the middle of nowhere holidays are my favourite. I'm not sure i'm brave enough to inflict my family on another for a whole week though. They might never speak to us again 😀
    My recent post North West Days Out – Manchester Football Museum

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  5. becky says:

    Love your doggy swimming photos! Derbyshire is right on my doorstep..isn't it fab!
    My recent post Brilliant Budget Recipes: Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup

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