Coat hangers


My son’s clothes no longer fit on the children’s coat hangers he has in his wardrobe.
They slip off and clutter up the wardrobe floor; almost acting as a stark reminder that he’s not a child any more every time we open the door.
His shoulders are broader. How did that happen? When did that happen? Almost overnight I noticed that when he hugs me he’s no longer the small, bony boy I’m used to.
He is filling out, sprouting up. He’s on the verge of teendom.

I can no longer fit two of his tops side by side on the clothes airer, like his younger sister’s clothes do.
They look huge; like they belong to an adult.
I used to be able to fit a whole top on the ironing board and have it done in a couple of flicks of the iron. Now it requires manoeuvring like his dad’s tops do.

Clothes that used to swamp him, now strain to contain his long legs.
Pyjamas that had to be turned up several times to stop material catching under his feet, now flap just above his ankles.
He’s a shoe size 5; that’s just a couple of sizes off my own.
He fills his clothes.


He still wants his mum to lie on his bed and read to him at night.
He still wants a kiss on the forehead. To hold my hand (when no one is looking).
He still tries to curl up on my lap like a huge dog which has no idea of it’s size.

My boy is an inbetweener – no longer a child but on the verge of being a teen.
And that’s exciting and sad in equal measure.

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For those looking for the Gallery theme today, I’m having a week off while I go gallivanting this weekend. If you can indeed call camping gallivanting.
I will be sat in a field with a glass of cold cider and a whole bunch of friends while the kids run wild and free. THAT is what I shall be doing!
See you next Friday for a new Gallery theme x

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20 Responses to Coat hangers

  1. Laura says:

    *weeps* and squeezes the 7 year old into tops that are too small for him. I am in denial, he won't ever grow up, nor will his sister.

  2. Muddynosugar says:

    Heather is a size 5 too (and I'm only a 5 and a half), I tell my two off for growing without my permission. They laugh at me for this like I am the village idiot. Just wait till they have kids, I will do that laugh right back at them. hah!
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  3. yes it does offer mixed feelings for both them and you, children – but not any more, my daughter was still trying to curl up on my knee like a store dog when she was 20!!
    Always your babies no matter how big

  4. Jessica Milln says:

    I have 2 teenage boys (a third one come November), they still like me to say goodnight to them in bed and give them a kiss (even if they get up get up again straight afterwards). They remind me that I'm appreciated. However, it's very odd. I'm hugging young men not my familiar little boys anymore…they are growing away from me and at the same time getting closer. I hope it lasts.

  5. Beautiful and terrifying!

  6. Erica says:

    Who knew this growing up lark would be so difficult. Trying to come to terms here with having a daughter who has her own thoughts and opinions on things. I keep having to remind myself to embrace it.
    My recent post I’m Complex

  7. iotamanhattan says:

    I found it incredibly moving when my son graduated into the same sock-size as me, and I had to struggle to sort our socks from each other in the laundry. I changed from plain short black ones to patterned, to make it easier.

    I was at my son's sports day yesterday. Some of them were wearing sweatshirts with their names on the back. I saw the back view of a boy with our surname on his back, but it's a common name, so my eyes roved on by. He was in a gaggle of boys who all looked huge. Then my eyes returned to that tall boy, because I was interested to know which other family shared our surname, and he turned round, and he was MY SON! That really shocked me. He's one of that bunch of huge-ies!

    In case this story sounds very odd, I'd like to add in my defence that (a) it was raining, and my son's hair was all plastered down and a different colour, and (b) the sweatshirts had been given out that morning, so I hadn't seen it at home, and (c) he'd been away for a week, on trips, with only a night at home in between, and I swear he's grown and changed in that week!

  8. Debbie says:

    There are so many daunting milestones. My daughter was eighteen yesterday. Incredible, fun and daunting.
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  9. saveeverystep says:

    Oh yes indeedy. There are moments when you see it clearly. I can hardly get in the door now for the size of my 13 year old's enormous shoes!!! But he still wants to cuddle me (actually more now than he did at 11 or 12) and I see a fine young man emerging from the other side of angst-dom. So glad you're treasuring every moment of it too.
    My recent post Joe’s Letters, WWII: “Bad boy, Good boy”

  10. SusanKMann says:

    Aww bless. Enjoy camping xx

  11. liska says:

    Featherdown by any chance? We just came back from there.
    It's FAB!
    My recent post Sorry I have been away from my desk

  12. sarahmo3w says:

    Such a moving post, which I can totally relate to. I have two sons like this. I look at their clothes and they are the same size as mine! Sometimes bigger… I have a 12 year old and a very large 9 year old. They are still my babies, even if they are nearly as big as me.
    Thanks for letting me use this for the Britmums Teen and Tween round-up.
    My recent post Grumpy boys and a history lesson

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