This is why I blog


As your children grow up and move on to the next stages in their lives, you forget stuff.
Like their first words, things they liked, their quirks, their funny moments, the time they were sick on you, the time they removed a whole shelf of food on to the floor in the middle of a supermarket shop; the things that make them them.
This blog was always meant to be a place so that didn’t happen for me. I want to remember the silly things they said, the embarrassing moments, the soaring highs, the crippling lows.
I was looking back at some old photos and when I saw this one I thought, my goodness, that seems like a lifetime ago. Things are SO different now; they are so different now.
This was taken in 2009 – just four years ago. If things can change that much in four years what on earth do the next four years have in store for us?
I can’t wait to find out.

Gallery logoFor anyone searching, there is no Gallery today.
I’m taking the half term break off to be with the kids and to immerse myself in playing/watching DVDs/walking/moaning about the inevitably bad weather.

There will be a new theme on May 31, so come back and have a shuftie then!
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15 Responses to This is why I blog

  1. such a sweet, sweet photo! Me and my husband were asking ourselves just the other night "when did alf stop using nappies at bedtime?" and "omg, robb has asked for some deodrant…??!!!!"…how time flies!
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  2. saveeverystep says:

    Ha! Showed my two a video of them 'reading' the Gruffalo in bed. It was just two years old but it might have been a lifetime. The Teen was mortified that a)he looked like a baby and b) that he was being nice to his little bro. Sigh.

  3. SusanKMann says:

    Gorgeous, it is incredible how quickly they grow. x
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  4. Louise says:

    This is why I blog too

  5. What a cute picture! I have only been blogging a year and a half and my boys are 12 and 15, but I really wish I had started when they were younger, as I look back at some of my posts and read what they had been up to. I LOVE looking through all my old photos of them- although it can feel quite sad thinking I didn't make the most of them……..but really I know I did 🙂

  6. Emily says:

    Oh my, what a stunning picture – this is why I blog too!

    Hope you're having a great half-term regardless of the rain xx
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  7. iotamanhattan says:

    Oh my gosh, look how SMALL they are!

  8. Beautiful and that’s what started me blogging to and why I keep at it x

  9. jacqui2000 says:

    Ohhhhhhh! Mia's adorable little face just made me make a funny squealing noise!!!!!

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