The little things


When your children are small and dependent on you and the whole parenting lark is new and exciting and precious, you pay attention to things. The little things.
Like when their teeth start to wobble, when they take their first steps, their first word, the first day at school.
A series of milestones to photograph and detail and remember.
And then you stop because as they grow up and that life of nappy changing and lullaby singing morphs into a whirlwind of sleepovers and after school activities and hormones.
Which isn’t anywhere near as cute!
But now my two are older, I realise that it’s the little things which stick with you. The every day. The things we don’t ordinarily photograph or detail in a journal or a blog.
Like watching your child sleep, the expression on their face when they see you at the school gate, preparing a meal with your kids, cuddling up on the sofa together under a giant blanket, how they sit and play with their favourite toy.
Like playing in the back garden, doing homework together, watching them interact with friends, the journey home from the school run.
Not milestones. They’re much more important than that. These are the things life is made of. That memories are made of. The little things that all jigsaw together to make a big patchwork picture of what growing up was like.

Sometimes the kids and I look back on this blog, way way back to the early days, and  share memories I’ve written about.
And they absolutely love it. Love that I bothered to take a photo of getting dressed on a school morning or brushing their teeth or the day Mia started doing the washing up, or the funny things they say.
One of Dan’s favourite’s is when I wrote about him waking in the night after having a nightmare. Because he’s moved on from that now and he doesn’t remember.
All the little, insignificant things which were a part of their childhood and we’ve forgotten. Because you do forget, as the next phase of life comes along and takes over, those little things slip away.

So I guess this is my way of reminding you, pay attention to those little things.

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19 Responses to The little things

  1. cosmicgirlie says:

    YES. Everything right here. YES. We could have had a photographer for some big fancy one-off event, but instead, we have this: the moments which I know we'll look back on and say "ahwwww do you remember the way you always used to…"

    Because those are the moments I will miss so much. I loves me some milestones.
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  2. cosmicgirlie says:

    YES. Everything right here. YES. We could have had a photographer for some big fancy one-off event, but instead, we have this: the moments which I know we'll look back on and say "ahwwww do you remember the way you always used to…"

    Because those are the moments I will miss so much. I loves me some milestones. xx

  3. SusanKMann says:

    Beautiful post. I really want to get some professional family ones done. x
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  4. Exactly why I have totally changed how I blog and what I blog about.

    Mwah xx


  5. Expat Mum says:

    Only this morning I was walking to school with my 9 year AND my red/black haired 17 year old. (Yes, he let himself be seen in public with me!)
    At one point the little one said he didn't think he would ever dye his hair, to which I replied that I wouldn't hold him to anything said as a 9 year old. (17 year old smirking.) "Why?", came the response.
    "Because your brother said he was never going to leave me and would live with me forever?" Both of them burst out laughing. They love hearing about what they did when they were little.
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  6. Sadie says:

    These are so beautiful. You are so right there are family are moments which are more precious than anything and I am so jealous and wish that we had the sense opportunity or resource to capture them wen our children were young. Although they remain in our hearts visual triggers are so much more binding and real. Sometimes I have to think hard to remember whether my own precious memories are dreams and also which one of my children does it refer to. I love how cosmicgirlie captures moments with the boys some days like today when I should be getting on with a report I am hungrily taking in their moments and enjoying every one I feel so privileged to share.Sometimes she makes me squirm but I love her to bits and all you other facebook, bloggers etc I love you all. Thank you

  7. Pippad says:

    Oh my goodness, this post made me cry just thinking about all the things that we won't get back. I'm one for taking photos of the silly moments, as my family call them but I want to remember that they dug in the dirt and put their coat on over their heads… thanks for making me realise it is that important too.
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  8. Mel Brammer says:

    What a lovely post!

  9. Mrs worthington says:

    Tara, you are so right is it the little things! I like to capture the everyday stuff we do not just the high days and holidays. Looking back at my own life I scour the photos i took of mum be it at the kitchen sink, conducting bath time etc for clues. I hope I have captured enough for my family. Too much some might say

  10. Adrienne says:

    Lovely post, I constantly take photos of everything my almost 2 year old does. I'm so proud of all his achievements, no matter how small they may seem. This week it was feeding himself a yoghurt with a spoon (not his hands). Small things can be amazing.
    My recent post . . . into the woods.

  11. sarahmo3w says:

    That is so true! It's great that people do take more photos now, so it's not just the birthdays and holidays that are recorded, but there is still so much we miss. Blogs are a great record of some of the small stuff of family life too. I don't share mine with my kids, but I'd like to when they are older (although they are similar age to yours). Some of the posts are a bit too honest for them just now!
    My recent post Silent Sunday

  12. becky says:

    It is indeed those little things that matter that we will remember when we are old and that most touch our hearts ,,,such a lovely post . It is the ordinary that is extraordinary isn't it.?

    This is one of one of our tuesday treats blog posts of the week
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  13. chidimma22 says:

    thanks for sharing! see also unec at the university of nigeria

  14. saveeverystep says:

    The whole ethos that inspired the creation of SaveEveryStep (even the name!) was this idea of capturing the small stuff. My favourite quote is going to take pride of place on the soon to be re-vamped landing page, as follows…"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise that they were the big things". Apt eh?
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  15. Lisa says:

    Just perfectly put. I started a memory book/ diary when my little man was around a year. I often feel exactly as you have written that I want to capture every moment before I / we forget them. I love this and it is a real inspiration to start doing it for us. Thank you.

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