The Photo Gallery: Expression


And the expression here is love.
They live in hardship; in abject poverty. Their home is that shack behind them and they share it – just one room – with their extended family. Life is tough. Dirt and death and danger.

I adore this photo. I chatted with this woman (through an interpreter) while visiting Indonesia with UNICEF nearly two years ago. She was quietly spoken, a touch shy even, but passionate, a little bit cheeky and quite clearly in charge.
He barely spoke, just watched as she chatted.
I asked them if I could take their photo. They exchanged a slightly embarrassed glance then stood a fair distance apart. But what you can’t see is they are holding hands.

Marriage is tough. Bloody tough with the pressures of life and kids and the lack of time and the stress and money and school and did I mention the lack of time?
So when the going is tough I look at this pair; so very far removed from our world and yet exactly the same.

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20 Responses to The Photo Gallery: Expression

  1. louisejedwards says:

    Great faces, they look very content.
    My recent post The Gallery: Expression

  2. Mother Goutte says:

    What a gorgeous photo. It's amazing how each of their smiles reflect the other one πŸ™‚
    My recent post A cheeky sparkle

  3. When you look at their faces all you see is love and happy. You don't see any kind of bitterness, "woe is me"…anything like that. There's something very amazing about that!
    My recent post Expressions

  4. Amazing photo. I think we can learn a lot from them.
    My recent post The Gallery: Expressions

  5. God, this is gorgeous, amazing, inspiring, strengthening, and just what I needed to see right at this moment in time. x

  6. sarahmo3w says:

    That photo is beautiful. They look so contented.
    My recent post The Gallery: Expressions

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  8. It's lovely to see that despite their living conditions they still look content and in love. A great memory shared x
    My recent post Expressions

  9. SusanKMann says:

    What a lovely photo and we can learn a lot from them x
    My recent post The Gallery 139 – Expressions

  10. Herding Cats says:

    What an amazing picture and post. It speaks so many words about what is truly important in life. each other.
    My recent post The Gallery – Expressions

  11. lauracymft says:

    Gorgeous photo.
    My recent post Expressions #TheGallery

  12. Coombemill says:

    So much to read into those faces of wisdom and years. Thanks for hosting, I have joined in for the first time in a while.
    My recent post Expressions at The Gallery

  13. Lous Lake Views says:

    It's a lesson to all of us that they can smile through adversity, Lovely picture
    My recent post The Gallery – Expressions

  14. Jaime Oliver says:

    what a really beautiful picture πŸ™‚
    My recent post Bethany’s Expressions

  15. OneDad3Girls says:

    Amazing photo, you can see the love in their eyes
    My recent post #TheGallery – Expressions

  16. Emily says:

    Inspiring picture and post, such beautiful happy eyes and yes lots of love! Xx
    My recent post Health & Safety gone mad..!

  17. JallieDaddy says:

    Amazing, beautiful picture, & a beautifully written description
    My recent post A message from Jake

  18. Beautiful photo, and beautiful words to accompany it. We really must take inspiration from their example when we complain about how hard done by we are.
    My recent post The Gallery: Expressions

  19. Rosie Scribble says:

    Totally loving this post. x

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