Things I want to remember about being a mum


Things I want to remember about being a mum

She goes to bed with a sheet of sums which she asks me to write down for her: “make sure they’re no too easy. There’s no point me getting the pen out if they’re too easy”.
They have to be written just so, down the left hand side of her A4 pad. The right hand side she will use for working out.
A little wry smile plays upon her lips when I sit and ‘mark’ them for her.
She gets SUCH a buzz out of learning new things and venturing out of her comfort zone.
This is her little night time routine.

“I think I look prettier at night. When I tie my hair back now it suits me better than when I do it in the day”. I think it’s her way of shutting me up every morning when I insist she does something with her hair so it’s not flying all over the place at school.

She’s always been busy just before bedtime. Organising her cuddly toys, writing, reading her beloved animal encyclopaedias.
But right now she busies herself with writing. A little note for me most nights, which she places under my pillow. Because she knows that every single night, mummy goes to bed with a big smile on her face because her girl wrote ‘I love you’ on a scrap of paper.

She is at such a great age.


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16 Responses to Things I want to remember about being a mum

  1. Insomniac Mummy says:

    What an absolutely beautiful post! Bless Mia and her lovely notes!

    My boy writes me notes too, when he goes to bed, and give me them first thing in the morning. He calls them ‘love notes’.


  2. iotamanhattan says:

    Aaah… goose bumps!

  3. That is so gorgeous! She sounds like a lovely girl 🙂
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  4. wow how things have changed since I first started reading you blog. She has turned into the kind beautiful caring daughter as we all had every confidence she would. Nice notes.

  5. Victoria says:

    What a creative little daughter you have 🙂
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  6. Mama and more - aka Zaz says:

    I like mentally freeze-framing images of my children at certain moments – like I can imagine you capturing yours in this post. Really lovely. Love love love the bedtime notes!

  7. mummycentral says:

    She is beautiful. Little wonder you want to capture such a special time with her.

  8. Liska says:

    The picture, the post and the note = all beautiful xx

  9. She doesn’t just look more beautiful, she is more beautiful. She sounds like a wonderful girl! No wonder you’re so proud. What a lovely post and a perfect example of why I don’t believe in the commercialism of Mother’s Day and it’s ilk. You certainly don’t sound like you need a pre-selected day to be told how much you’re appreciated!

  10. Isn't having a blog brilliant! Then we'll never forget such things. As long as we keep renewing the domain 😉
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  11. mummyglitzer says:

    What a lovely young girl she is!
    My recent post Will I Ever Feel Able to Celebrate?

  12. saveeverystep says:

    Cute little notes. I had one for Mother's Day – apparently I am 'sweeter than lollipops' and 'softer than pilloes'. Awwww

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