The anatomy of Royal Caribbean ship Liberty of the Seas

Liberty of the Seas ship

I think the number one thing which has been given a “you WHAT?” response when I’ve talked about my recent cruise with Royal Caribbean is that the ship we were on has 15 passenger  decks. FIFTEEN!
I guess my idea of a cruise ship was based somewhere around a ferry given that is the only experience I have of being on any vessel to cross water.

But this monster; look at her! I stepped on board the Liberty of the Seas and was all ‘woh’. It’s size, it’s glitz and glamour, it’s cleanliness. And the sheer amount of stuff to do on there. I had no idea.
A library, a boxing ring, a gym, a spa, an internet cafe, numerous bars, restaurants, decks to sunbathe on, three pools, a sports deck, five separate children’s areas. All on one ship. And that’s not even touching the sides on what’s to do on there.

So I thought I’d give you a walk around. A little tour of this floating colossus where I spent five fabulous days as a guest of Royal Caribbean so I could report back and tell you what a cruise holiday is like.

The lifts. 
Yes, the lifts get a mention. All gleaming glass, like the Great Glass Elevator.

Liberty of the Seas Lifts2

The Interior
Everything is spotless. And if you don’t fancy the lifts all the time, there are plenty of stairs to climb!


Liberty of the Seas interior

Deck of the Liberty of the seas

There were thousands of people on the ship – this photo was taken in the middle of the day out on the main deck!

stairs onboard liberty of the seas

Liberty of the Seas State room

State room balcony

The venues
Theatres, ice rink, casino, beauty salon, karaoke, night club, bars – and a pub. On a ship!

Ice rink Theatre

Sports facilities
This right here is my friend English Mum riding some waves on the ship’s FlowRider wave simulator. Trust me, she’s making it look a LOT easier than it was!

Flow Rider

Golf gym H2O kids pool 2 Table Tennis

Erica and Laura being embarrassingly competitive on the ping pong table. People avoided us.

Kids clubs
I’m always a bit cynical about kids clubs. My kids hate them because they tend to be a room filled with stuff and you’re left in there to a. entertain yourself, b. make friends.
These kids clubs are NOTHING like that.
Well thought out, loads to do, very much tailored to the age groups they cater for and one of my very favourite things – they actually encourage parents to get involved.
An art station that would make my 7 year old’s eyes goggle and a bar for young teenagers – it’s an award winning kids club for a reason!

computers Kids club art station Teen bar

The food
As well as the quite majestic main dining room and the help yourself buffet in the Windjammer (both of which are all inclusive), there are various other dining options to be had – for a small supplement per person.
There’s Johnny Rockets burger bar where the staff come out and dance to tunes such as Night Fever, and the quite special Italian restaurant Portofino.

Dining room Galley IMG_3881

I confess one of my biggest worries about being on a cruise was that I would get bored and, quite frankly, would feel like screaming at being surrounded by so many people and not being able to escape the masses.
But I didn’t once feel like that on board the Liberty of the Seas. She’s just so damn HUGE.

Liberty of the Seas

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11 Responses to The anatomy of Royal Caribbean ship Liberty of the Seas

  1. I want to go baaaaaack!
    Gorgeous pictures Mrs!

    Karin x

  2. Alysonsblog says:

    Not Jealous At All
    My recent post Silent Sunday #SilentSunday

  3. Siobhan C says:

    Incredible! I'd heard about how insanely 'unship' like these places are, but until I saw your photos I really had no idea. It seems to be entirely tailored to make people feel like they're NOT on a ship! V jealous that you got such a freebie…..
    My recent post Silent Sunday

  4. TheBoyandMe says:

    I'm astounded at how much they manage to fit on board one ship, but on the other hand IT IS FIFTEEN STOREYS HIGH!
    My recent post 365 #12

  5. Notmyyearoff says:

    Wow that is beautiful. I’ve only recently started thinking about cruises and this just looks perfect!

  6. That looks AMAZING!
    My recent post Silent Sunday

  7. Miss_Biggun says:

    So glad you had a great time, I love to cruise and Royal Caribbean is the best there is and reasonablly priced too. We always opt for interior cabin as we only sleep there.

    Its a whole world away from real life they certainly know all about customer service, nothhing is too much trouble on Royal Caribbean!

  8. You are one lucky lady, I am sure you had an amazing time. This only reminds me how much I need some holidays ;(
    My recent post Check out my lashes!

  9. Suzanne says:

    This looks utterly amazing! We went on a Thomson cruise last year, I was so disappointed to find that it was more like a floating Butlins! This is what I call a cruise!

  10. amummysview says:

    oh my lord how huge is that ship!??? That is amazing. I want to go!!!

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