Reasons I am glad to say goodbye to my glasses

It’s been four months now since I had laser eye surgery courtesy of Optical Express.
I’ve had all the check ups, I’ve been discharged and sent off into the world as one of the Sighted.
I’ve put my glasses into storage, I’ve filed away my contact lenses (ie threw them in the bin. With a flourish).
So how do I feel about it all, now the dust has settled so to speak? Now I’ve lived with it for a while.
What are the benefits of not having to wear glasses/lenses any more?

  • I no longer get that giant red welt across the bridge of my nose. Attractive. Also very difficult to cover up with even the thickest make up without looking freakish.
  • Every time I came in from the rain and stepped into a warm room/shop, I’d need a windscreen wiper and de-mister to clear the mist that fogged them up. Hateful.
  • I can now see to put my make up on and not have to stand one inch from the mirror to ensure I don’t mascara my eyeball.
  • Hats look waaaaay cooler.
  • I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and have a mild panic because I think my dressing gown on the back of the door is a bear.
  • No longer having to wear contact lenses means when I’m tired, I never get that ‘Lens Spot Welded to the Eyeball’ sensation.
  • Or the ‘Bodge Around in Your Eye to get the Lens Out, when the Lens Isn’t Actually In There’. I know, right?
  • No longer having to listen to my husband do his smug “how the hell can you see out of those lenses – they’re filthy. Don’t you clean them?” YOU try keeping them clean when you’ve got two kids smearing their fingers all over your glasses, ‘trying them on’ and using them to make dolly look ‘like a nerd’.
  • When travelling, my toiletries bag no longer bulges at the seams with eye wash, lens cleaner, distilled water. And spares of each of these.
  • Being called Gazerbeam* by friends.

Saying goodbye to my glasses was actually like saying goodbye to an old friend, so they haven’t gone far. Tucked up in their case in my bedside draw to remind me of the YEARS I dedicated to them.
But having laser eye surgery with Optical Express has been a – forgive the pun – a real eye opening. I am a laser eye surgery bore, it’s official.

* Gazerbeam: Superhero character from the Pixar movie The Incredibles. He could generate energy blasts from his eyes. Please note; I can’t. 


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11 Responses to Reasons I am glad to say goodbye to my glasses

  1. Foz says:

    I keep thinking to have it……been wearing glasses almost 20 years and hate contacts! But i'm a wimp when it comes to surgery….

  2. Funky Wellies says:

    Not surprised that you are so pleased with the outcome! It is a revelation. I had mine done almost six years ago. My sight was not so bad that I mistook my dressing gown for a bear but still, I loved being free from glasses and contacts, and this has not worn off yet! Enjoy. xx
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  3. iotamanhattan says:

    The dressing gown being a bear thing made me laugh. Yes, I've done that. And there are those times when I wake up, pat around on the top of my bedside cabinet to find my glasses, knock the glass of water off, knock an ear-ring into oblivion, topple over a stack of books… Remember those times?

  4. Erica Price says:

    Keep toying with the idea. I've heard lots of good reports. The dressing gown thing is kind of familar, but with me it's curtains instead.
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  5. Expat Mum says:

    My husband had it done about 11 years ago and he spent the first 6 months saying "Wow" at how much he could see! He travels a lot and the dry lens in the eye thing was really getting to him.
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  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    I snorted at the bear point. It must be very liberating.
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  7. Sarah says:

    One of my life goals is to get laser eye surgery but for the foreseeable I won't be able to afford to save up for it…ho hum one day,

  8. becky says:

    Oh I feel exactly the same tara and have nt parted with all my glasses yet. My husband used to say exactly the same to me about keeping them clean. Next week I am going to go to one of those eye make up counters in the city and have them 'done' i have NEVER worn eyeshadow in my life…could be a revelation
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