I am afraid of wobbly baby teeth. There I said it

Milk teeth

Another baby tooth has been shed. Another pound under the pillow from the Tooth Fairy she no longer believes in but plays along because she sees pound signs before her eyes.
We’ve cleaned it up (the Tooth Fairy only pays out for clean teeth), wrapped it in a piece of kitchen roll and tucked it under her pillow.
Ah those wobbly baby teeth. *shudders*

I’ve been dying for this one tooth to finally come out. It poked out at a strange angle, making her smile all crooked and has stopped her two front teeth from straightening out.
We sat watching You’ve Been Framed one night and a little boy attached his wobbly tooth to a piece of string, the end of which he attached to a remote-controlled car, and then BOOM. He pressed ‘go forward’, the car shoots off and his bloody tooth flies after it.
I made a bit of a scene being all ‘that’s not even funny. What’s funny about that? I’m sure it’s dangerous. They shouldn’t show that on the television’.
I may have also had a serious face on.
I don’t like wobbly baby teeth.

“I think my tooth may be loose. Look”.
She’s propping her top lip up with one finger and somehow managing to waggle the tooth with another finger on the same hand. It’s so loose I can see gum underneath said tooth.
I feel my insides flip.
“Ok, I’ve seen it now, you can stop with the waggling”.
“But look, if I do this, look how cool it is now”.
It’s not cool, it’s grotesque. The tooth is hanging on by a thread of something I don’t want to think about and I’m biting my bottom lip to try to take my attention from the pink gristle to something, ANYTHING else.
She twists it in its socket. I think I may faint.

“It’s hanging by a piece of gum”.
Oh god, she’s said it, the actual words to describe what I’m trying to ignore.
I pretend I’m busy with something else.
Dan butts in. “I don’t think mum likes it Mia. I think it makes her feel queasy”.
Which Mia translates as ‘make mum feel as queasy as you possibly can’ for she’s coming at me with her top lip hitched up at a weird angle, a menacing look on her young face and she’s waggling that stray tooth like it’s attached with elastic.


“Look, look, it’s come out. Look, it’s still got a bit of gum hanging on it”.

It’s not just me right? I’ve had my hands in baby vomit, poo and been wee’d on by my darling newborn son. But wobbly teeth? Just. Sets. My. Teeth. On. Edge.


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16 Responses to I am afraid of wobbly baby teeth. There I said it

  1. Erica says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Good thing I wasn’t eating or I may have puked! I’m totally with you on this one… It’s gross. I’ve gotten used to all the various bodily fluids because they happen everyday. But THIS does not happen everyday. Yikes.

  2. lauracymft says:

    OMG I think I just threw up a little bit. I hate wobbly teeth. I have a fear of my own teeth falling out. It's horrible. Thank god they only have one set of teeth to fall out. *shivers* So no, it's not just you Tara lol
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  3. Karen says:

    Yay, someone else utterly grossed out by the whole wobbly teeth thing. Me too! I am SO not looking forward to our turn at this (my 6 year old is so desperate for her teeth to start wobbling and coming out) and I have to confess I also think that in between stage when they have adult teeth appearing in the gaps and still have baby teeth is really not that attractive, I have to be all polite and fake when kids show me their new teeth! I am such a bad parent! 😉

  4. Laura says:

    You big wuss Tara Lara. I like to get int here and twist their teeth …
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  5. Mrs Fox's says:

    I never had a problem with teeth, or dentists, in fact I seem to remember enjoying the sensation of wobbling, twisting and flipping my own baby teeth. But now that it's my daughter's baby teeth falling out. I just don't like bits dropping off my daughter. "I made her and she doesn't need to lose any bits that I made." That's my feeling.

  6. Isabelle has lost two teeth yet, and now we have been waiting for one of her top teeth to come out…it is taking ages, is hnaging on just tiny bit of gum…and she will not let em touch it. I am from a rough background, my dad ( also a dental technitian 😉 used to get a cloth handkerchief and pull my teeth out when they were at the last stage of falling out… ;)))
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  7. snafflesmummy says:

    No. Teeth are gross. I hate when they sit there wobbling it with their tongue. This post has made me feel light headed!
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  8. Oh my word, you described me to a tee and last week I had just that also, except teen helped him pull it out x
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  9. oh my life i was laughing reading that just now! brilliant!
    My recent post the only thing …

  10. loosingmylemons says:

    Sooo funny, I feel your pain! Ughhhhh!

    My recent post I Love My Bed, I love My Books, I love My Bed Again…

  11. Oh god, I can't stand it when they wobble them backwards and forwards horizontally! Makes me feel queasy!

  12. Katelynn says:

    My lord. My 5 year old asked me this morning when she will lose her teeth. And my mind went into a frenzy just thinking about it. I am utterly afraid of it and it makes my stomach turn thinking about her wiggling them! I had a bad experience with one loose tooth when I was about 12. I think that’s where my fear is coming from.

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