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youth rugby

I cannot begin to tell you how bone-chillingly cold it was on this day.
The rain was lashing down. You can even see it in this photograph. The ground underfoot already slick with mud. There was a wind chill in the air. And it’s a miracle I even took this photo because I could not feel the ends of my fingers to make the connection on my camera’s shutter release button.

The two rugby teams played one match – 10-minutes each way – and it was clear no one was enjoying it.
My son’s team was losing. Their heads were down, they were cold to their very bones and every crunching tackle felt ten times worse because of the cold. Their 12-strong squad was simply outnumbered by their 40-plus player opposition who sent on a steady stream of pristine clean subs to face our weary, downtrodden boys.
After the first match the referee called the teams together and asked if they wanted to play on.
My son’s team had truly had enough. You could barely tell what kit they were wearing because they were so caked in mud. But their coaches asked if any wanted to stay on. The opposition would lend some players to make up numbers. Did they want to see it through, or call it a day?
Many of them came off and retreated to the warmth of their parents’ cars. Heck I wanted to retreat to the warmth of my car.
But my son chose to stay on along with four of his team mates. He stayed and played and pushed  his desire to give up somewhere else.
At the end of the match he could barely move; his frozen body unable to do as he asked it. He made the journey home in the back of our car, stripped of his heavy kit, wrapped in my coat, wearing my gloves and his dad’s hat.

I have never ever been more proud of that boy in all the years I’ve stood loyally on the sidelines and watched him play.
And even better than that, he has said he is proud of himself too (after he eventually thawed out!)

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34 Responses to The Photo Gallery: Boys

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    Fantastic Picture, i love the look of concentration on his face even as the rain lashed down!
    My recent post The Gallery: Boys

  2. They do look so determined and focused in that photo!
    My recent post Dear Toddler – 2 Years and 2 Months

  3. I'm missing the days standing on a football pitch looking at that photo, I must be mad 😉 x
    My recent post The ‘Boys’ (the Gallery)

  4. Harriet says:

    Did you get a picture of the other spectators?! Great picture.

    ps am I being really stupid or do I need to do something to see the linky? All muddled now (admittedly it doesn't take much!)
    My recent post The accidental photograph

  5. Suzanne says:

    What an atmospheric photo! I'm so glad that my boy hasn't pushed to join the rugby or football teams – you're a braver woman than I! PS I can't see the linky either!
    My recent post A 'full-house' – The Gallery

  6. That’s lovely. I have two rugby playing boys too and we have endured some pretty horrific weather this season.

  7. Suzanne says:

    Eek! I've got to go out and haven't got time to get my link up! If you're able to, could you please add mine Tara?
    My recent post A 'full-house' – The Gallery

  8. Susan Mann says:

    Mine is still indoor football so not standing outside yet!! Great picture and he looks like he loves it. X

  9. marisworld says:

    I take my hat off to you for standing on the sideline that day. It looks dreadful
    My recent post Bridal Make up – How should it be?

  10. countryidyll says:

    My goodness, you can see the determination in his face! That inner strength will stand him in good stead for his life to come. A marvellous story – I was right there with you. Thanks.
    My recent post The Gallery – Boys

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  12. Nikki Thomas says:

    Amazing photo! My youngest son is desperate to start rugby but I have resisted so far, maybe this year I will let him.

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  14. A Patchwork Life says:

    that really does show true grit! Can just imagine how proud you were. Wonderful story and picture – my 10 year old had a look and was seriously impressed! He recently started playing rugby and think it might be his game.

  15. Liska says:

    Don't know what is wrong with my browser but your photo does not load up for me on my computer xx
    My recent post The Gallery – Boys

  16. lauracymft says:

    I can't see your photo either and I'm guessing it is a fab one as always!
    My recent post Boys #TheGallery
    Came back to see if it worked and it does! Great shot. You can see how determind he is to play. Good on him!

  17. Your photo loaded for me at last! Fabulous boy, what an absolute star. I am a bit sad that none of mine are very interested in sport and I'm not a sideline mamma – usually I'm relieved but this photo made me a little wistful x
    My recent post Gardening with Kids in February

  18. loosingmylemons says:

    That's a great shot – those rugby boys are tough!

    As Mums we often feel proud of our children, but when they feel it themselves it's a million times better! Fab!

    I've entered the gallery for the first time today, and like a doughnut I've put my link as gallery – boys, rather than Losing My Lemons! Grrrrr…

    Jeez this blogging malarky is a learning curve!
    My recent post The Gallery – Boys

  19. i love it when my bois come in covered in mud – means they've had a great time playing!
    My recent post all mine

  20. Mrs TeePot says:

    oh bless him, what a trooper!
    My recent post 100 Word Challenge: What does it taste like?

  21. shahnaz says:

    wow how fab…very muddy but it not deterring your son from his game..This is my first time joining in look forward to linking in x
    My recent post #The Gallery – My Boys

  22. wendy says:

    brilliant photo,very muddy, xx
    My recent post #The Gallery – Boys

  23. Caroline Smith says:

    You'll never regret all those hours you spend on the sidelines, they are precious times. I've lost count of the days of my life I have given over to driving to matches and watching mine play sport. My toes nearly froze off a couple of Saturdays ago watching back to back hockey matches on an exposed hill in Kent.
    My recent post Boys

  24. Mammasaurus says:

    That's one tough cookie you have there Tara! x

  25. pinkoddy says:

    Great picture. Can't beat a bit of mud. None of mine have done Rugby apart from at school yet.
    My recent post Boys

  26. HPMcQ says:

    fabulous determination on his face, well done to all!
    My recent post boys boys boys

  27. Great photo but what is even better is the story behind it! Oh and pretty good mummy for capturing the moment!
    My recent post Boys

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  29. bubbablue says:

    I would link up but seems to be a problem so here's my link

  30. Chelseamamma says:

    Fab photo – I do dread every weekend standing on a wet, windy muddy field, but the pride you feel when they play well or even win makes it all worth while!!

  31. FamilyFourFun says:

    You can see the determination in his face, stunning pic and well done to him!

  32. waka network says:

    Love your photography. Always a delight to visit your blog.

    My recent post Foods for the Muscle

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