This is the stunning sight that greeted me as I stepped out of the car to walk the dog this morning.
Sure it’s cold and damp and pretty grim in here in the UK at the moment, but owning a dog means I have a reason to get into the car and drive to the woods. And enjoy this sort of scenery.
Sure I’m wrapped up in a million layers and look a state in my (never cleaned) wellies and ‘dog walking’ fleece.
But just look. I had this all to myself this morning. Not another soul to be seen.

Misty woods

This man came into our lives one year ago this week and he has been everything we could have hoped for in a dog and more.
At the time of me writing this gushing post, he’s stood here with his head perched on my hand as I’m trying to type, looking up at me with the most loving eyes.
My kids NEVER do that!
And to think I actually questioned whether we should even get a dog . . . .!



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