The Tara Lara Diary

I was sent one of these planners last year and it has been one of my constant companions.
Right here at my desk, there by my left hand.
Sure I have an iPhone and many other ways to electronically store my everyday diary dates. And by ‘my’ I mean the kids’ various after school activities, parties, get togethers etc. Very few things me ‘me’. Sob.
But I’m old school, I like to write it down. I like to see it there in black and white; the whole week just a glance to my left.
And so once again in 2013 I will entering the year with another Personal Planner – this time I’ve opted for lilac . . .

I love that you are able to totally personalise it – from the front page and the colour of the page marker, to the design of the weekly pages and the prompts on each page. The paper quality is top notch too.
This year they’re cheaper too, £14.99 for the size I’ve had upto £21.99 for the large desk planner.
I cannot recommend them highly enough. For ‘old schoolers’ like me!

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  1. I need a diary, where did you get yours from T?
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