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Mia has never been one for so called ‘girl’ activities.
I asked her once if she fancied joining the same dance class as her friend. She looked me up and down with utter distain and declared: “That’s for girls”. The ‘that’ she almost spat out.

Then over Christmas she woke up one morning and announced she wanted to play rugby.
She spent an afternoon rooting through her older brother’s kit, finding something suitable to wear on a cold, wind-swept pitch and all the while husband and I gave each other ‘The Look’ which said we’ll give her until the temperature drops below 5 degrees and she wants to race around the clubhouse like a carthorse with her buddies, like she usually does.

On the day of her first training session she woke up at 4am, got herself dressed into all her kit, realised that she had got up too early and so went back to bed.
I found her fast asleep under her duvet, with her red rugby socks on that are too big for her, her brother’s spare under-armour and clutching a beanie hat in her fingers.
It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen.

One week later and she played in her first match. And this is the smile she had on her face for pretty much the whole morning as she played in sub zero temperatures with a group of boys she barely knows.
I really do think we may have found her ‘thing’!

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