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When I was 10 I would ride my bike to the fields near our house, through the estate we lived on, through the alleyway – a good 20 minute cycle for my young legs – and there I would hang out in the long grass, far away from grown ups and rules and clockwatching.
To be honest, the best part of this escape was the journey. Feeling free and able to move at my own pace. I was out having my own adventure.
Another one of my favourite pastimes was walking into the woods near our home and ‘getting lost’. I would pretend that the gnarled trees and leaf-strewn walkways were straight out of Fangorn Forest (Lord of the Rings fans) and I had to find a way home before some woodland creature with evil intent found me. I had a vivid imagination!

Now I have a 10 year old of my own, I wonder if he has that same sense of adventure? Does he pine to ride off on his bike with the wind in his hair? Or wander through the forest role playing his current read?
Because, I don’t know about you, but there is NO WAY he has the freedom I had as a child.
And so I have made it my mission to instil my children with their own sense of adventure. To encourage them to climb and explore and dig and collect and run like the wind is at their backs. And to get as muddy as they like in the process.

Because I hope that they will look back on their own childhood one day with the same fond memories I have.
NB: I cannot believe my kids were EVER this small! Taken 5 years ago in the very same woods I used to pretend were straight out of the pages of Lord of the Rings.

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