What to buy a 7 year old girl for Christmas. According to a 7 year old girl

On Friday I shared some ideas for what to buy a 10 year old boy for Christmas.
So today it’s my daughter’s turn to give some ideas of what to buy a 7 year old girl.
She has been busy in the Sticky Fingers sweat factory, testing out stuff that has been sent to us to review. Really is a tough job, but she’s totally up for it.

So here are some of Mia’s suggestions in case you’re stuck for some last minute buys.

Heelys, from £49.99
Mia has been given the crappiest pair of plastic ‘roller skates’ you’ve ever seen and she rolls around all the live long day in them because clearly the reason mum and dad had wooden floors fitted throughout the downstairs of the house was so she could use it as a skate park.

So when we were offered a pair of these – funky trainers with heels in the heels – to review I pretty much snapped their hand off.
They look great but take quite a bit of getting used to. Mia isn’t quite there (I was going to video her on them for this review but she flat refused to let me until she’s much better at it!)
Mia’s verdict: “I love them. They fit really well. I just wish I could skate on them better but I’m going to keep trying. I’m fed up of falling on my bum all the time!”

Playmobil, from £5.99
Dan is the family Lego fanatic, Mia is our Playmobil fanatic.
She has a whole range of sets now (all the animal-themed ones to be fair – she’s slightly obsessed) and I can honestly say they are the most played with toy she owns. And she’s played with them for a good 3 years.
As official Playmobil reviewers, our latest sets have been this gorgeous farm house (£49.99) and a range of farm sets – Pig Pen (£13.99), Bunny Hutch (£8.99), Calf Feeder (£8.99), Dog House (£5.99) and Cats and Kittens (£5.99).
Unfortunately it means I’ve lost my dining room table . . .

(Spot the rogue Spongebob Lego sneaking into the picture!)
The smaller sets are fantastic stocking fillers, but I must say the larger sets do take some adult supervision to build, as they can be quite fiddly. But once they’re up it’s a cracking toy. And yes, I speak from personal experience. Ahem.
Mia’s verdict: “Mum gets quite cross with me when I mix up the sets but I like that all the sets can mix in with the others and the chickens can sit on the balcony if I want them to! I built all the smaller sets by myself without anyone’s help”.

Mancala, £8.95
Not something we were sent to review, but a birthday gift Mia received this year and she is everso slightly obsessed with it!
It’s a really old ‘board’ game, in which you have to move small animal-shaped ‘bead’s around the board and requires thought, logic and counting skills. The idea is to gather as many of the beads as you can and clear your side of the board before your opponent does.
Mia picked it up pretty much straight away and it’s now one of her ‘bedtime games’.
A really cracking family game that doesn’t require dice or characters or a booklet of rules.
Mia’s verdict: “I really love this game. We’d never heard of it before my friend gave it to me for my birthday, and we play a lot of games, but this is definitely one of our favourites now.”

Bayliss and Harding, Beauticology range, from £3
I visited the head offices of Bayliss and Harding recently and discovered that this brand that I’ve been using for years to make my downstairs loo look posh with their lovely handwash, is in fact entirely British.
Not only that, the company is run by a lovely brother and sister team, whose parents set up the brand in the very heart of Birmingham – and they haven’s strayed far since.
Their ethos is ‘affordable luxury’ (which incidentally they do in part through keeping their overheads low so you don’t pay through the nose because they’re lording it in fancy pants offices) and I just love their Beauticology range which is perfect for young girls.
I gave this Gingerbread Shower Creme to Mia, which comes in the most delightful packaging and has the lovely scent of gingerbread – really Christmassy.

Polar Express, £7.75
Everyone should have this movie in their collection. It should be made The Law.
And everyone should get it out and watch it at Christmas time. Great feel-good factor and for any children on the verge of sussing out that Santa might not be the one leaving all the presents under the tree, this is sure to get them back on track again.


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