What to buy a 10 year old for Christmas. According to a 10 year old

If you run a parenting blog and a whole host of exciting stuff to review lands on the doormat just as your son turns 10, you win BIG brownie points.
I can do no wrong at the moment.

So I asked him to round up his favourites from the things he’s been sent to review recently to give a sort of guide to what to buy notoriously difficult to buy for pre-teens!
For those last minute buys if you’re tearing your hair out this weekend!

Skylanders Giants, starter pack for the Wii, £49.99
Skylanders have already taken over our home, and when the new Giants came out Dan actually had a countdown to the day they were released.
It’s a cracking idea – little characters come to life on your computer game when placed on the ‘Portal of Power’ – only this time they’re bigger characters. And of course that means they’re more expensive characters too (about £15 each when bought individually).
This time around you have to plug the Portal of Power into the back of your Wii (the previous Skylanders had a remote dongle you could plug in for wireless play).
Dan’s verdict: “So awesome. I love the characters and their new powers are really great. I’ve asked Santa for another character too”

Kids Baz Bag, £44.99
For his birthday this year, we gave Dan’s room a make over. New desk and chair in there, funky new pictures on the wall, map of the world instead of wallpaper.
And a bean bag was right up there on his wish list. Something he could sit on and read a book or play on his DS or just chill out.
We were sent this great indoor/outdoor children’s bean bag to review by Bean Bag Bazaar and as you can see it’s well loved!
Dan’s verdict: “I love this style because it means I can store it under my bed when I’m not using it so it doesn’t take up too much space in my room. Also you can sit on it in lots of different ways and it’s good for wrestling on . . . “

Lego, various, from £1.99
Can you beat Lego for a Christmas gift? I think not. Even at the age of 10 Dan is still a HUGE fan. Probably helps that his mum loves building it with him *ahem*.
The Mini Figure packs are fabulous stocking fillers for Lego fans and we have one of their board games every year to all crowd around the dining table to play together. 
This year we’ve been sent this fabulous box of goodies from Lego to try out; From Lord of the Rings and Superhero sets, to a board game and, of course, the mini figures. 

Dan’s verdict: “Wow wow wow. I love the Lord of the Rings Lego as I’m just reading the Hobbit now. I cannot WAIT to start building these. And the board games are really good. I’ve already got Creationary and Shave a Sheep and I love those.”

For a family of superhero nerds, it doesn’t get much better than this. Turn the lights off in the living room, fill a giant bowl with popcorn and all huddle up on one sofa together under one  blanket.
For yes, even my 7 year old daughter sat riveted through the whole of this film. She’s also just discovered James Bond – she is SO my daughter!
Dan’s verdict: “I LOVE this film. I love the action and the adventure but most of all I like Batman. He is SO cool. It is a little bit scary in parts, but I think that’s why I like it so much.”

Air Hogs Hover Assault Remote Control, currently on offer at £39.99 from The Entertainer 

A remote controlled vehicle that can drive, jump AND fly? Wowzers, a proper Boy Toy! To be honest I’ve had trouble keeping the husband from stealing it.
It’s a car, it’s a helicopter and it fires missiles. It fires missiles while in the air. Dan nearly fainted when he realised it could do that!
Lots of fun – if a bit on the expensive side. But for gadget fans it’s a must have.
Dan says: “It’s a lot smaller than I thought it would be but it’s SO much fun. I found it really difficult to get it to fly, or hover, but I haven’t played with it very much, so I think it will take practice. But it fires missiles while in the air. SO COOL.”

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  1. Lego is always a great option for kids, especially boys! I know I was mad about it…even more so when I was old enough to move on to technical lego!
    My recent post Lego Creationary Game Review

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