The Photo Gallery: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Every year Santa gives both of my children a decoration to add to the Christmas tree in their stockings.
It has become a bit of a tradition. We’ve had fairies, bells, mushrooms and woodland creatures. Figures made out of tin, some fashioned from wool and some sparkly, bling.
He thinks long and hard about what decoration to buy them that year; what will make them smile and put a twinkle in their eye as they hang it on a branch on the family tree?
And as they get older, it gets even harder to choose. 10 going on 15. Too cool for school, but not too cool to still believe.
What it does mean is that our Christmas tree now tells a story of past holidays; remember the year when you got the bell with your name on it? That was the year we first went to see Polar Express in 3D and granddad got a headache from the 3D glasses. Remember the year you got the wool cat and you got all upset because you thought Santa had forgotten you but it was right down in the toe of your stocking all along?

Do you have Christmas traditions? I bet you have some and you don’t even realise they are ‘traditions’!

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