The Best Boots Ever to Grace My Feet

That’s an official title.
For these boots; these gorgeous creatures that I wear EVERYWHERE, with EVERYTHING are my new best friends.

I would never in a million years have ever thought to buy equestrian boots. My 7 year old is the horse rider in this family.
But boy oh boy. Expensive (about £140). But Worth. Every. Penny
Waterproof, insanely comfortable and I look quite posh. What’s not to love?
Ariat Windermere boots. Remember that name.

Thank you to Central Saddlery for insisting I needed a pair of these in my life and would I like to review a pair.
Changed my life. And I don’t care how sad that sounds.

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  1. dogmad says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy a pair of these boots. How have they lasted? I need something tough, waterproof, comfy and longlasting for miles of dogwalking in long wet grass!

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