The Gallery: Postponed due to exciting surgery

Yes yes, you read that right, I’m having surgery. In fact I may even be having it right now as you read this.

For today my blog has given me a wonderful early birthday present: Today I am having laser eye surgery courtesy of Optical Express who decided to celebrate 21 years of giving people bionic eyes (may not be true) by offering 21 bloggers the chance to have free treatment in exchange for an honest review of their experience.
So thank you blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve got to rest up for 4 days after surgery, and I know some of you think I throw this feature together (tsk) but I need time to plan and cogitate and bait you all on Twitter, so I’m going to take this week off. There will be no Gallery theme this week.

Come back next Friday (November 23) when the next theme will be up and I will have BIONIC EYES.
It’s probably a good job I’m offline for a bit too; I’m going to be unbearable . . .

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