Natural beauty

One of my secret passions is beauty products. I am a beauty product junkie. I hoard the stuff.
I’m so worried they will one day stop making my favourite face cleanser, that I stock pile. Like my nan did after the war with bags of sugar.
I spend far too much time wistfully mooning over the shelves at my local Neal’s Yard store and the lady on the Liz Earle counter in my local John Lewis must know me by name.
For while, yes I am a beauty product junkie, I do like the stuff I slap on my face to be natural.

And then this little parcel landed on my doorstep.
As I open the wonderfully packaged goodies, the smell that wafts out captures me instantly.
The bumph reads that the company has been set up by a couple who, last year adopted two children under the age of four who were from neglected backgrounds and were riddled with eczema. They tried all manner of lotions and potions but decided to create something of their own for their young charges. Something 100% chemical free.
I love these products EVEN more.

Their website isn’t fancy; in fact it’s in desperate need of some love. But Haughton Green are a fledgling company to watch.
At £2 a pop their lip balm is a handbag must have for us mums stood on the side of a rugby pitch this winter, and the Lavender and Mandarin Sensitive Skin Balm (£8) is what gave their kids healthy skin again.
A great find. Even though they found me!

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