Me. To a tea

Sometimes I get sent something to review here at Sticky Fingers that has ME literally written all over it.
There was the mug which I use ALL THE TIME.
And then came this marvellous gift from new gift company Boo and Boy.

Could it be any more perfect?
Well yes actually it could. The tea could be a proper colour. I mean come on, it’s got to be builder’s tea, right?! A bit darker. Has to look like your spoon could stand up in it . . .
But I’m being picky.

There are some absolutely cracking prints on the site that you won’t see anywhere else. Of course you can get one personalised like me also.
And what makes it even better is the idea is the brainchild of another parenting blogger together with her design geek husband who set up the new venture together and named it after their children.
*High fives my lovely friend Laura*

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