Legoland at Halloween review

When we visited the new Legoland Hotel in Windsor on its opening weekend we knew it would be something special.
And it didn’t disappoint. Of course there was the fact that it was also filled with celebrities and their children and my two kids got to stalk Dom from Dick and Dom which they thought was the most amazing thing ever.

So when we were asked if we’d like to go back for the Halloween festivities it wasn’t a difficult decision to make!
For Halloween, the park is hosting a Brick or Treat festival until November 5, 2012 with fireworks, late night openings on selected dates and a range of new and spooky Lego creations dotted everywhere. A pumpkin here, a vampire there, a whole host of mini ghosts everywhere.

So here was our visit in pictures, because they always see to tell the story that bit better than words every can!

I spend a ridiculous amount of time hovering around this stand in the park’s shop  . . .


The stunning views across Legoland Windsor really are something else. On a clear day you can see for miles.


A view across Miniland


Mia discovered that she ABSOLUTELY loves pirate ship ride the Jolly Rocker. She went on 5 times in a row


One of Dan’s favourite rides. Thankfully I didn’t need to go on with him . . .


Everything gets a spooky make-over at the park


Even the trees start to look really eerie as the sun goes down!


There’s always time to spend a bit of pocket money

Then onto our room at the hotel. We stayed in an Adventure room and, as ever, the resort has totally thought about its customer base – the kids find it a total blast staying at the hotel as there is a treasure hunt to keep them busy, the bunk beds are “so cool” and they actually have their own little ante-room with TV.

I did have a couple of niggles during our stay which are worth pointing out.
As a guest at the hotel you get early access to the park. Woo hoo. HOWEVER, while we were there you could only gain access to one area and, essentially, one ride. Which is not really early access to the park.
You have to pay for WiFi access. I think Legoland are missing a trick here. Surely they want visitors Tweeting and Instagraming photos of their rooms and the facilities? But my mobile phone signal was pretty much non-existent in the hotel which made it impossible to ‘live’ Tweet.
Also I thought the Halloween decorations around the park were a bit lame to be honest. But then I’ve been to the Portaventura theme park in Spain for Halloween where they take their horror VERY seriously and I’m not sure anywhere would be able to match that!

We were given Q Bot devices – which allows you get to beat the queues – to use while we were there, which meant we pretty much walked on most of the rides we wanted to go on. Over and over again.
I guess when it’s really busy at the park, they are a godsend instead of queueing. But it’s another cost you need to factor in to your stay.
However, both of my children (aged 7 and 9) come away from here desperate to go back. It really is a great place to visit and perfect for children of this age.
For more photos of the park and the hotel see my post from our stay at the Legoland hotel on the opening weekend.
We are officially Lego Obsessives.

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