How My Children See Me Meme. The return

Waaaay back in October 2009 I started a meme.
EEK, I know. Run run before she tags me . . .

It all started when my arty daughter handed over this not very flattering portrait she had drawn of me.
I use ‘arty’ in the loosest of terms . . .
I got ribbed and poked about the fact that I basically look like a spud with legs (no arms) and ‘nice chin’ and ‘where do you get your hair done’ etc, so I asked a bunch of other bloggers to see if they would fare any better when their children drew their portraits.

I can honestly say, the results were utterly brilliant.
And so the meme started. And boy did it spread far and wide.
I think it’s fair to say, that while they didn’t all look like spuds with legs (no arms) they were equally embarrassing.

I started the meme back in 2009 and ran it again in October 2011, so it’s definitely time to bring it out again.

Here are some of the previous masterpieces. Click on the caption to see who they are (obviously you won’t need to do it, as their likenesses are so true to life):

Marge Simpson? 
Groovy gladiator sandals
Nice tats
The Stay-Puffed Marshmallow man?
Mr Tumnus-alike
Look at the SIZE of that head!
Escaped convict

So how do you join in?
It’s so so easy.
Ask your child – their age doesn’t matter – to draw a picture of you.
Post it on your blog.
Call it the How My Children See Me Meme
Come back here and add it to the Linky so we can all laugh comment at the likeness.
That’s it.
Pass it on to your friends/enemies if you want to.
(If you don’t have a fancy pants scanner, take a photo of it and post it that way!)

I’m kicking it off by tagging 10 victims people.
There’s no real time limit. Just have fun. And pass it on if you’re feeling mean generous. I’m leaving the Linky open until January 6 so plenty of time to get them sketching!
And if you can’t wait to be tagged with it, just jump onboard anyway!

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Rosie Scribble
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Battling On
Thinly Spread
Northern Mum
Mostly Yummy Mummy
Kate Takes 5
And because I think it will be HILARIOUS to see what her teenage sons come up with, English Mum.

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