Apple and cinnamon crumble

pie plate

This is possibly one of the easiest and most delicious desserts to make when it starts to get cold.
And my kids love love love making the crumble mixture – an excuse to get you fingers mucky and throw flour around? Hell yes please!

And if you want to make an autumnal version of this, instead of the cinnamon, throw in a handful of fresh blackberries instead.

300g plain flour
2 tbsp rolled oats
175g soft brown sugar
200g butter, at room temperature (plus a little extra for greasing the pie dish)
4 large cooking apples
1tsp granulated sugar
1tsp ground cinnamon

1. Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4.

2. Put flour, oats, sugar into a large bowl and mix well.

3. Cut the butter into cubes, and adding a few at a time, rub them into the flour mixture using your fingers.
Keep adding more cubes and rubbing in until the mixture looks like bread crumbs. You will get hand ache, but work through the pain or get a small child to help out 🙂

4. Lightly butter your pie dish.

5. Peel and core the apples then slice them up and place the fruit into your pie dish (mine is about 25 cm).

apple crumble

6. Sprinkle over with the sugar and the cinnamon. Add a splash more cinnamon if you’re that way inclined.

7. Sprinkle the crumble mixture over the apples then bake in the oven for about 40-45 minutes, until the crumble is brown and the fruit mixture is bubbling.

8. Serve warm from the oven with custard or ice cream.
And then eat cold from the fridge for the rest of the week . . . ahem.

apple crumbles

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