The World’s Handsomest Bookworm

This is how I’ve found him most nights since our early review copy of the Guinness World Records 2013 book landed on our doormat.
The only conversation you’ll get out of him is:
Listen to this . . . 

Which I’m guessing are all the right responses!

This year the book features 3D technology (a free app for your smartphone means when you point your phone at it pictures jump out of the pages). But Dan’s not really that fussed with all of that malarky. He just loves the little stories, the facts, the photos (except the woman with the Most Boy Modifications – he skips over that page because it’s ‘too freaky’).

But here are a few of his favourites from this year’s book so far:

The Oldest Person Ever; A French lady who lived to 122 and 164 days and credits her longevity to olive oil, port and chocolate. She took up fencing at the age of 85 and was still riding a bicycle at 100.

The Largest Male ‘guns’ (ie biceps); The Egyptian body builder seriously looks like a human version of Popeye. All he needs are anchors tattooed on his forearms.

The Most Calorific Burger; Was made here in the UK, in Shropshire. Quite apart from the fact that it looks impossible to get your jaws around it to actually take a bite, it packs 4,200 calories and costs £15. If you eat it, together with the complementary milkshake, chips and coleslaw, within 45 minutes you win a free meal. One customer did it in SEVEN minutes. That makes my arteries expand just thinking about it.

And finally the Dutch guy who collects airline sick bags. He has 6,016 of them. Not used. His favourite one isn’t from an airline though – it’s from the NASA space shuttle Columbia!

Still easily one of the best books to bring home.

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