The Photo Gallery: Week 117. And a big prize from Coca Cola

Hello and welcome to week 117 of The Gallery.

One of the biggest challenges I face with working from home is how to keep fit.
I’ve Zumba’d in the living room. I’ve skipped in the back garden. I’ve joined a gym but rarely get the chance to go there.
And then we got a dog in January and my greatest joy is taking him for a long walk every morning, come rain or shine.
Over fields, up hills, through streams, through trees; Using my legs and filling my lungs with fresh air.

And so in celebration of that, this week’s photo gallery theme is: Fitness.
Of course, fitness doesn’t necessarily mean workouts, running, swimming, leotards and expensive trainers – although it does to many.
But you can balance out those calories the likes of walking, hoovering, dancing, gardening, a family bike ride.
So what do you do to keep yourself active?

And to make it even more of a challenge for you this week I’ve teamed up with Coca-Cola to offer some fabulous prizes.
Coca-Cola in association with ex-Olympian and professor Dr Greg Whyte have created the Coca-Cola Work It Out Calculator – a tool to illustrate how everyday activities, along with more popular sports, can help balance out the calories we take in.
On the site you simply choose a drink in the menu, pick a physical activity, and it will show you how long you need to do that activity in order to ‘burn off’ the calories in the drink of your choice.
So for example, if I drank a can of Sprite I’d have to do 73 minutes of ironing to burn it off. Holy smokes. Or 14 minutes of salsa dancing. Or 19 minutes of digging the garden.
I know which one I’d choose!

And so to the prizes.
1st prize:
£200 worth of Sweaty Betty vouchers (redeemable in store, online or on the phone).
£50 worth of multi-use vouchers (redeemable at a variety of retailers)
A copy of Dr Greg Whyte’s book ‘Fit in 5:  5, 10 and 30 minute workouts for a leaner, stronger body’;
A selection of Coca-Cola drinks  (2 crates of your choice from the Coca-Cola range)

2 x Runners Up prizes:
£50 worth of Sweaty Betty vouchers
A copy of Dre Greg Whyte’s book Fit in 5
A selection of Coca-Cola drinks (1 crate of your choice from the Coca-Cola range).

For full terms and conditions of the competition see here. 
Also note, that only ONE photo can be entered this week, so if you post more than one, make sure you make it clear which is the one you want entering.

So what are we looking for in our winning photo? We will be looking for the most imaginative, creative or quirky interpretation of the theme – so get those thinking caps on!
A pair of muddy walking boots. Well-used ballet shoes hung on a peg. The route you take on your morning run. A bead of sweat running down the side of your cheek as you attempt ONE. LAST. PULL UP.
Also, and very importantly, there is a proviso in the competition guidelines, that children under the age of 12 CANNOT be featured in your entry UNLESS accompanied by a parent or guardian. See the full guidelines for clarification.

If you want to join in with The Gallery and showcase your photos, come back on Wednesday, October 3 and when my Gallery post goes live, add a link to your post on the Linky below mine.
The link stays open until Tuesday, October 9 so you have plenty of time to join in.
Remember, The Gallery isn’t about technically brilliant photos. It’s about rediscovering photos; both old and new.
It’s about sparking your imagination, being inspiring – and inspiring others.
And absolutely ANYONE can join in.

Also, if you’re linking up to The Gallery then try to visit as many of the other entries as you can to see what they’ve come up with. Say hi, discover new people, welcome them in when they discover you.

You will get out of this what you put into it.

If you’re new here and want to find out what The Gallery is all about and how to enter visit here.
And if you want to make sure you don’t miss any prompts or entries in future, make sure you subscribe and get all prompts delivered directly to your in box.

Go on, clicky click away, you know you want to …

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