Seven year old teenager

You know how you worry about your children growing up and all the backchat you’re bound to get and the arguments and the ‘I wants’ and the huffy stand offs and the attitude?
The Difficult Times. The tantrums. The independence. The real Tear Your Hair Out moments?
The times that everyone seems to tell you are on the horizon.

Well yes, we’ve had a very large dose of those times from our fiercely independent daughter. But what about the good stuff?
The Bite Your Bottom Lip and Thank Everything That is Holy That You are a Parent stuff?

Yesterday my daughter celebrated her seventh birthday.
I think she knew it was a bit of a turning point for her. A growing up moment. I think she felt different, felt older. And it showed in her face.

My kids have become these great little people to hang out with.
Instead of turning to babysitters every time we’re invited out, we’ve started taking them with us.
I guess it started New Year’s Eve two years ago when they stayed up with us and they thought it was the BEST EVENING EVER.
And actually we had fun. Really great fun.
They really are great company.

All ages have their problems. The tantrums, the back chat, the sulking, the eye rolling, the challenges.
But all ages also have their bright spots, their silver linings. It’s just a question of finding them and holding on to them. Because why hold on to the negatives when the positives are so much nicer?

Happy birthday Mia. I know we’ve had a tough ride, but your dad and I think you’re pretty awesome.

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