Personalised jammy dodgers

Sometimes the little guys get their PR so right they put the big guys to shame.
A few days ago I Tweeted the above.
I’m also running a giveaway in conjunction with Neal’s Yard as part of their Save the Bees campaign and was tweeting a whole load of stuff about that too.

The next thing I know I get an email entitled ‘Jammie dodgers HAVE to win  . . .

Hi Tara, I hope this wins the ‘random email of the day’ award today! A friend noticed that you were tweeting about Bees AND about Jammie Dodgers, so I had to drop you a note… Have you seen these Jammie Dodgers?

I clicked on the link and oh my goodness, little biscuits so gorgeous I immediately emailed back and yellow SEND ME SOME (I was a bit politer than that!)

And here they are. Personalised jammy dodgers.
One of the most wonderful things I’ve received through the post. All because lovely Bee jumped on a Tweet and acted.
And I can confirm that they taste every bit as delicious as they look.
(Forgive the broken one; I was a bit eager in opening *ahem*)
Colour me impressed.

Bees Bakery biscuits are available to buy through her Etsy story – and you can have whatever you like written on them! You can also find her on Twitter @beesbakery

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