Melon seed necklace

I’m not a crafter. Never have been, never likely to be.
Glitter is flat out banned in this house and I’ve been known to roll my eyes when anyone asks if they can get the glue stick out.
HOWEVER. This I am happy to do. This is my kind of crafting. Plus it has the added bonus that it totally reminds me of my childhood.
Didn’t everyone make melon seed necklaces? No?

Take one honeydew melon.
Cut in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.

Wash seeds thoroughly and leave on a window sill to dry out.

Using a needle and thread, take each seed and feed them onto the needle as if they were beads.
(This bit takes ages and you need to not watch the TV to while away the time or there is a high potential for finger stabbage).

Keep going until you’ve used up all the seeds. Et voila, the finished necklace.
Funky, unique and totally natural.

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