August in pictures

I can pretty much guarantee that during the first couple of days back at school, the kids will be asked what they got up to during their six weeks school holiday.
I can also pretty much guarantee that both of mine will umm and ahh and wrack their brains to remember all the endless fun their mother organised for them to make sure their break was awesome.
Days out with friends, sleep overs, athletics camp, football camp, gymnastics, BBQ for friends, picnics, cinema, camping weekend, two days at Drayton Manor theme park, and a long weekend oop north at the Driver house – a wonderful friend I’ve made through blogging. See kids, right THERE is one of the best reasons I can give you, when you wonder what mummy gets out of this whole online whatsit.

So, here are the photos to remind them that they didn’t just sit in and watch DVDs and ‘do nothin’ the whole time!














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