A day at the Sticky Fingers office

This month Daniel has been earning his keep by reviewing stuff.
Boys stuff.
Stuff which makes me the Coolest Mum because I got sent it to review and I asked him to do it for me.
I tell you what, it’s tough being nine, right?

So here are his items and his thoughts on all of them.
All thoughts and ramblings are his own:

Goose Down Duvet, from Goose Bedding
£78, ★★★★★
This duvet is brilliant. I get really hot in the night. I wrap myself up like a cocoon so my mum tells me and I end up overheating and my pillow gets all wet and uncomfortable.
But this duvet is really light and great to sleep under. Also it looks great on my bed! You can jump in the middle and it’s like jumping on a cloud!
I didn’t think I could get so enthusiastic about a duvet!

Lego Batman 2. DC Superheroes, Playstation 3
£34.99, ★★★★★
I’ve played this pretty much every day since we were sent it. I love that you can unlock lots of different levels and that it’s not that easy so it’s been quite a challenge.
You also get heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and baddies like the Joker, Lex Luthor and the Riddler which I really like.
I really like that the Lego characters talk now, which they’ve not done before, and they’re really funny.
There are lots of puzzles to solve and lots of action which I loved. I’m stuck on a level at the moment but I can’t wait to work out how to move on.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, Playstation 3
£29.99, ★★★★★
I found this a bit boring to be honest. It’s good that they have the voices from the movies, but I didn’t find it very much fun and I didn’t really want to go on playing with it.
It was good trying to get the animals to work together to move through the game, but it just wasn’t really that much fun.
There are some mini games you can play with the characters which are good.
But overall, it’s not a game I would buy. I think it’s maybe for younger children. Maybe 7.

Playmobil Take Along Soccer Match
£39.99, ★★★★
This is actually a bit too young for me. It’s very clever though. The pitch is the carry case. You open it up and there is the pitch and you have four players and two goalies. I thought having just two players on each team was a bit rubbish. You can buy extra ones, but that makes this even more expensive.
It’s really easy to use and the players are easy to get to kick the ball, unlike other similar games I’ve played with.
I’ve given it to a younger friend who absolutely loves it!

Pokemon Typing Adventure, Nintendo DS
£37.99, ★★★★★
I really didn’t think I was going to like this. I saw an advert for it in First News. I really really like Pokemon but wasn’t sure about the typing and stuff. It’s nothing like I’ve played before. Not really action packed!
But I’ve really enjoyed it. You get a Pokemon game and a keyboard and the idea is you have to research the Pokemon by typing in their names. It certainly gets you practising your typing skills!
You get lots of practise and advice.
The keyboard kept losing the wireless connection but it’s really easy to reconnect.
As you get better you win rarer Pokemon.

Really soon I’m going to be reviewing Skylander Giants.
I’ve told mum that makes her the BEST MUM EVER!
(Ahem. See, sometimes blogging does so much for your well being as a parent!)

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