The Photo Gallery: The Everyday

The best thing that ever happened to photography in this house was the introduction of really good camera phones and the Instagram app.
It meant that I went from taking photos while out and about, to taking photos while out and about ALL THE TIME.
No need to take a hefty dSLR everywhere with me.

Now I could take photos of our dog walks, of our journey to school, weird and wonderful things we see while out and about, interesting people/buildings/things.
My photography output quadrupled.

And I became hooked on taking photos of everyday things; the children reading, eating breakfast, getting ready for school, me wearing a face pack (yes really, and if you missed that one then tough).

These are the photos I believe we will look back on in years to come and get a real sense of what life was like. The little things. The mundane things. The Everyday things.

These two photos are our every day at the moment. Every morning the 6 year old has a book in front of her face and every afternoon the 9 year old eats with one eye on his iPod.

This post is for for week 104 of The Gallery: The Everyday.
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