The Photo Gallery: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

A year ago this week I was preparing to go on an amazing adventure.
What I didn’t realise was that adventure would have me travelling on everything from jets and boats, to dug-outs, tuk tuks and this very small plane. Seats eight. In a very cosy fashion. As in you can feel the nerves of the person next to you through their cotton shirt.

I confess I was biting the inside of my lip as my wild eyes surveyed our carriage.
Safety features weren’t exactly in the Virgin Atlantic mould. And as I sat nervously on the 1-hour flight, convincing myself that actually a smaller plane is much better than a jet because if anything happens surely you could just glide to the ground, I look out the window searching for the airstrip we’re to land at and I see this.
This is the airstrip.
Holy moly! There isn’t a lot of ‘strip’. Mainly trees. Lots and lots of trees and a gash of grass inbetween them.

Travelling has been a walk in the park ever since I made this incredible trip over the tree tops of Papua, Indonesia.

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