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I was having a conversation with a friend recently about what is the best ‘weird’ sandwich.
Obviously it’s mashed banana and crisps, but then we got onto really weird sandwiches and snacks.
Like my nephew used to have red onion and jam sandwiches when he was younger. And a friend of mine’s son would snack on raw turnips; he’d carefully scrub one under the tap then dry off with a paper towel and MUNCH.
And it got me on to how when I was a child, my brother and I would rush in from playing outside and make ourselves a sandwich each; mine a brown sauce sandwich, his a ketchup sandwich. No butter. Just bread, sauce, bam.

Now my daughter has picked up the weird tendencies.
This is her first snack of choice. Frozen peas.
Or she will happily chow down on a handful of pasta spaghetti. That’s dried spaghetti, not cooked.
And she’ll also nag and nag and nag me to make cakes – but won’t touch the finished vision of perfection. No, all she wants is to lick the spoon and run her little fingers around the rim of the bowl!
I don’t know WHERE she gets it from . . .

So what’s your weird snack of choice?

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