In which I turn into Edina from Ab Fab

I was sent the most wonderful food ‘box’ a while back from The Good Fork filled with gorgeous Mediterranean goodies and asked to try it out.
The sort of wonderful jars and packets you buy as gifts to foodie friends because it makes you look chic. Well I do anyway.

So I did just that; I saved them for ‘friend’ moments. I took them to BBQs and made myself look very cosmopolitan and said things like “why buy pesto in a jar from Sainsbugs when you can source it from a little company in Italy?” 
Yes I sounded like Edina from Ab Fab.

I like that the Good Fork is an online deli box scheme aimed at people who love cooking but want something with a bit more va va voom, so to speak.
And I really like is the fact that this little enterprise was started by a mum who used to live in Italy, then Paris, then returned to England to work in travel PR and have a baby.
All of which meant she could no longer find Italian pesto or olives from France.
So Virginia set up her own company to enable her to do just that!
And she says: “Some might think these boxes an extravagance, but it’s all about what you value most. I’m of the school of thought that I’d rather put good food into my and my family’s bodies and shop for clothes at a chain store than buy a swish handbag and eat stuff that’s just not that great”.
She really is rather lovely and you can chat to her on Twitter too @goodfork

So what’s in there?
Well in my box there was Kritharaki Pasta from Greece, Tuscan Pork Liver Spread, herbs for fish from Italy, Shrimp Terrine from France, Fig Jam from Lebanon (NOM, flatbreads from Italy and caper berries from Spain (not capers which are the immature buds of the flowers, these are the actual fruit and are slightly milder and which when I invited my friend @MuddyNoSugar over to try them out declared: “HOW did I not know about these before? HOW?”

You also get a few recipes and an explanation of what’s in the box, where it comes from etc

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