Pampered Chef Mini chocolate tartlets recipe

pampered chef mini chocolate tartletsI was handed one of these a while back when I attended a Pampered Chef party at a friend’s house.
Let me tell you, that ‘one’ was not nearly enough. It’s impossible to eat one. I’ve tried.
If they last more than a day after baking, then your family clearly doesn’t have a sweet enough tooth and you should bring them round to my house to finish off for you . . .

Plus they are just brilliant for making with the kids as they have such an exciting ingredients list – basically, lots of different variations of chocolate! What’s not to like?

baking with kids

Mini Chocolate Tartlets

200g plain flour
25g cocoa
75g softened butter
25g ground almonds
50g caster sugar
1 egg, beaten
Splash of milk
1 jar chocolate spread
1 packet of chocolate buttons, chocolate or white, to decorate.

1. Preheat oven to 190 degrees or gas 5.

2. Mix together the flour, cocoa, butter, almonds, sugar and egg to form a ball.
If the mixture is too try add splashes of milk until you can gather it together into a dough.
Kneed the dough lightly.

3. Make 24 small balls and put each one in a mini muffin pan.

4. Depress each ball with a floured ball (I use a ‘tart shaper’ but you could use the end of a small rolling pin or similar) to form pastry cups.

pampered chef chocolate tartlets base

5. Here comes the messy/fun bit!
Fill each of the cups with a teaspoonful of chocolate spread so that it just reaches the top of the cup.

pampered chef mini chocolate tartlets filling

6. Bake for about 10 minutes, remove from the oven and while cooling, pop a chocolate button on top.

7. Remove from the pan and let cool.

They’re not the prettiest of tartlets, but let me tell you, they taste awesome!
As an alternative filling you could pop a single Rolo in each cup, bake for 10 minutes, then add the chocolate button on top as before.
Enjoy x

pampered chef mini chocolate tartlets recipe

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6 Responses to Pampered Chef Mini chocolate tartlets recipe

  1. kayleigh says:

    Can u use something else other than ground almonds. My father is allergic knowing my luck he will just eat one without asking. Was going to make gor my sons party.

    • Tara says:

      You can substitute rice flour for ground almonds to get the added texture Kayleigh. But to be honest, I've made these without the ground almonds (just because I didn't have any in the house) and they were fine.
      If your father is allergic to nuts you could use just regular chocolate spread in the cases and not Nutella as I have in the photo!
      My recent post In which we take control of our boy’s education

      • kayleigh says:

        Brill thanks. Hes fine with nutella its just almonds. It only started when he got to his 40’s very strange. Thanks again ill let u know how they turn out when I do them.

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  3. Laura jones says:

    Love these tarts made them instead of a big cake for my mother in laws birthday two huge trays stacked full of them about 200 and had about 10 different flavours too all the cases were the same but filling and toppings differed we had Nutella with white buttons, cadburys with brown buttons, white choc spread with marsh mallows, custard cream spread with custard cream biscuits, mint aero ganache with mint aero ball, bourbon spread with Bourbon biscuit, cookie spread with mini Maryland cookies, cookies and cream spread with mini Oreos, choc Orange spread with orange jelly slice, and Galaxy spread with a fudge cube, so much fun with all these different kinds of spreads xx

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