The Photo Gallery: Family

This photo is my family. The roots of my family.
My mum and her mum.
I really need to take one now of my mum, me and my girl to add to the album. I do love a ‘generational’ photo!

I just adore old photographs. They are so evocative of their time – I mean this is SO obviously the seventies!
That sun lounger, the outfits, the hairdos – hell, even the metal-framed kitchen window has the whiff of the era about it!
And this photo is also a genuine relic of the 70s – no digital filters or borders added. This is what you got when you picked up your reel of film from the chemist.

I keep labouring the point of how important it is to take photos of our family and the lives we lead. Now. Because I look back at this photo (I’m guessing I would have been about 7 or 8 when it was taken) and memories come flooding back.
That yellow back door which lead to the coal bunker, but had been turned into a make shift toy storage.
That slope of grass just behind the sun lounger that my brother and I used to roll down; arms tucked right beside our bodies for maximum speed.
That sun lounger that used to collapse in the middle if you didn’t get the two ends clicked into place just so.
And my nan’s sunny smile. She always had that for us kids.

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