Safe in the sun with Sunuva



Just before leaving for our holiday, we were sent these swimming outfits from online company Sunuva – which supplies UV swimwear and kids beachwear.
Which basically means your kids can have stylish sun protection even when on the beach.

So we thought we’d give ours the ultimate test and give them an outing on a Florida beach, in 33 degrees C heat.
Man it was hot.
And I have to say, Mia’s rash vest was invaluable. This is a child who would run naked into the sea given half the chance. She likes minimum.
But as the sun baked down she willingly put her top on – because it was thin enough, and easy enough to still be able to build sandcastles and splash out on that boogie board.
And it’s so stylish. And girlie. But sshhhh, don’t tell her that!

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