A week at Disney theme parks. In pictures

We’ve had the most amazing time here in the Sunshine State.
It’s bloody hard work skipping from theme park to theme park – seriously. And yes we pretty much did skip.
But it’s been a week of memories.
A week where my 6 year old discovered she is a thrill seeker and my son proved he’s SO not as cool as he thinks he is at the age of 9 because he still raced across a dining room to have his photo taken with Tigger.

We’ve spent a week here courtesy of Mickey Mouse and co after winning a family here to Disneyland Florida.
A week where we as a family reconnected and hung out and liked what we found.
It’s been a great week. A Much Needed Week. A – dare I say it – perfect week.

After our Disney fest we headed for the West coast to chill out by the beach. But here is our week at the Disney theme parks.

Typhoon Lagoon
A water park we could have gone back to time and time again.
Fabulous water rides, a beach, a wave pool, a lazy river – they pretty much had to throw us out at closing time.


Hollywood Studios
Home to the Tower of Terror, which you won’t get me anywhere near after going on it by ‘mistake’ when they first built it 17-odd years ago. But the runaway success with my two kids was the Indiana Jones Stunt show (we watched it twice).
And the Star Tours ride. Obviously. We are a family of sci fi geeks, what can I tell you.

Animal Kingdom
With an animal-mad 6 year old in tow, this was always going to be the highlight of her week.
Dominated by the jaw-dropping Tree of Life as you walk in the park (we spent 20 minutes just working out how many animals we could see carved into the ‘bark’).
We clapped along to Nemo The Musical (excellent), oooo’d and aaaah’d on the Kilimanjaro Jungle Expedition (bumpy) and SCREAMED on the Expedition Everest ride (bloody scary).


Blizzard Beach
Our second water park and probably the children’s favourite.
The snowy-themed park features an alpine chair lift, thrilling rides once again and a great area specifically for children.
We got our first taste of Florida storms here as everything shut down as a storm approached. 20 minutes later, and after a snack of doughnuts and popcorn, we were back at the top of the rides ready to plummet down the slides once more.


Magic Kingdom
I don’t know if we’ve just outgrown the magic now, or it was the heat or all the building work going on there, but Magic Kingdom just didn’t really cut it for us this year.
However. And it’s a big however, Magic Kingdom is an amazing place. It’s a spectacle, an experience to immerse yourself into – Disney just do everything so very well.
I’m sure the new attraction at Fantasyland (where all the building work is) will be just as spectacular, but we did find it very obtrusive.
And both my kids are utterly obsessed with Thunder Mountain!

Thank you Disney, you’ve made this family very very happy x

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