The Photo Gallery: Picture Postcard

Is there anything finer than the great British seaside?
All that fresh sea air, fish and chips on the promenade and a spot of shove a twopence in the arcade at the end of the pier?
OK,OK so there are lots of things finer, but there is something about it. Maybe it’s because it reminds me of my childhood when the BEST thing I got to do was ride a donkey on the sand. DSs? Playstation? Pah, a donkey ride was the business when I was 10.
Or maybe it’s because on a recent trip to Weston Super Mare with my 9 year old and his rugby club, I could tell it was a day where memories were being made.
Because we ate fish and chips on the promenade, passed a rugby ball on the sand – and indulged in a spot of shove a twopence in the arcade at the end of the pier . . .

This post is for for week 100 of The Gallery: Picture Postcard.
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