One sec

My 9 year old’s answer to everything at the moment is ‘one sec’.
Dan, can you brush your teeth please.
Yes, one sec.

Dan, your dinner’s on the table.
I’ll be there in one sec.

Of course it’s never one sec. It’s several of the buggers. Hundreds of the buggers some times.
He’s always so busy, so active, go go GO.

This week he returned from a three-day residential with school. Three days of abseiling, running around in mud, sharing a dorm with his school friends.
He came home on Friday and the house burst into life again. We really really missed him.
And for the first time since I can remember he slowed right down.
This is him as I’m reading Harry Potter to him. His very favourite; the one we chat about for ages afterwards – what’s going to happen next, isn’t Malfoy awful, wouldn’t it be cool to have potions classes for REAL?!
Not that night. He fell asleep as I’m rattling away.
One sec and he’s fast asleep.

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