My favourite things about being a mum

In no particular order . . .

  • Waking up on a weekend to find one of my kids has crawled under the covers next to me and is curled up right behind. And they fit perfectly.
  • Finding a little note left for me by my 6 year old. And being able to read it all despite the ‘kid’ spelling.
  • All being sat round the dinner table together as a family.
  • When a grown up compliments me on having such polite children.
  • When a grown up looks at me in wonderment as Mia does everything in her power NOT to be polite or ladylike. The look may actually be pity. I don’t actually care because she’s ace.
  • Spinning my 6 year old around at arms length and hearing her infectious giggle.
  • Curling up on my 9 year old’s bed to do his homework together. And him thinking that I’m SO clever because I know the answers to most things. It’s not hard when they’re 9.
  • Scooting down the aisle of the supermarket, feet off the floor on the handlebar of your trolley, and hear your kids in your wake yelling; “That’s SO cool mum!” It doesn’t take much to impress them.
  • Hearing your kids tell their friends how cool their mum is because she scoots down the aisle of the supermarket on the handlebars of a trolley.
  • Singing at the top of your voice in the car on the way to school to something cheesy and naff the 9 year old wants on and having non parents look in the window at you all in bemusement. And not caring one jot. AND knowing that you totally have a better life. 
  • Giving your 6 year old daughter one of your very favourite pieces of jewellery knowing it probably won’t last until the end of the day, but the look on her face when you hand it over is so worth it.
  • When one of your children slips their little hand in yours for no other reason than they just want to be that little bit closer.

So there you go, that’s my list. It’s changed over the years as they’ve grown up and I can’t say ‘the smell of the top of their head’. Or the moment they say their first word and you feel fit to burst.
What would you add? I’d love to hear them.

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