I am fabulous

We’ve all had them. Those ‘I’m not good enough/strong enough/worthy enough’ feelings.
For me, motherhood seemed to intensify them.
I wanted to be the best mother I could be and so put all my effort into that.
Then I worried I wasn’t a good enough wife. Or good enough at work. Or good enough at anything, quite frankly.

But even when we do feel that we’re particularly good at something, do we shout about it?
I’ve seen lots of discussions online of late calling for women to support each other, to stop the bitching and the belittling and let us talk about our achievements without accusations of having an over inflated ego.
In her post on the subject ‘Confidence Vs Ego‘, Muireann (pronounced Mirren, get it right or she’ll get cross) at Bangs and a Bun states: “Someone mentions an achievement/something they’re proud of – a certain sector of people shout them down for bragging and say how inappropriate that is. People, let’s stop the nonsense”.

So, today a bunch of people are going to shout about their achievements loud and proud.
Some took it more seriously than others!
You’ll also notice how some STILL find it hard to say they are fabulous and opt for words like ‘great’ or ‘rather good’!

Many thanks to:
Becky at English Mum
Jen at Live Free Range
Annie at Mammasaurus
Kate at WitWitWoo
Sandy at Baby Baby
Liz at The Mum Blog
Claire at Cheshire Mum
Chris at Thinly Spread
Jacqui at Mummy’s Little Monkey
Maggie at Red Ted Art
The mysterious ‘T’ at Mummy Barrow
Alice at Dulwich Divorcee
Erica at Little Mummy
Jo at Dexterous Diva
Ellie at Insomniac Mummy
Kate at Kate Takes 5
Mari at Mari’s World
Nickie at I Am Typecast

Also a special thank you to Paula from Battling On for all her help converting some of the videos which had me tearing my hair out.
You SO get a fabulous vote from me my friend x

Thank you wonderful ladies, one and all x

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