7 things they don’t tell you about owning a dog


1. You meet new and interesting people.
People stop you and chat and never walk past you with their head bowed, eyes diverted somewhere else.
They smile at you and engage you in conversation and you find yourself talking about bowel movements and worming tablets without the slightest embarrassment. The dogs’ bowel movements, obviously.

2. You will see amazing things.
Sunrises, great expanses of fields with no one around, frozen canals, the early bird, wildlife, plant life, the changing seasons. I thought one of the drawbacks of having a dog was going to be the walks. The endless walks; Every. Single. Day. Come rain or shine.
It’s actually one of my very favourite things.

3. They smell.
The first time our dog farted I thought the hairs at the top of my nostrils had singed.
Totally. Heinous.
I thought having a 9-year-old boy in the house was the pinnacle of our sensory nightmare. I was wrong.

4. You become a dog bore.
It’s like having another baby. All you can think about/talk about/photograph is your new hound.
You give up your previously precious sofa and gaze lovingly and this mass of legs and ears in between you.
My husband and I have discussed his poo at some length. It’s THAT bad (our addiction, not the poo).

5. They make more mess than two children put together.

6. They are a pain in the ass.
They steal food, chew valuables, beg, eat your socks and pants (AND your favourite bra), poo on your favourite plants, leave hair everywhere, get in your way, leave muddy paw prints everywhere.
And yet still, STILL they give you THAT look and you’re chucking them under the chin and offering them a treat as their trail of devastation lies in their wake.
Crafty, gorgeous buggers.

7. They change your life.
I was told it would happen. Everyone said that in some way, shape or form it was inevitable.
Way back when I wrote the post Should We Get A Dog? everyone told me, warned me.
But boy has this dog changed us – I cannot imagine our life without him.

My 6 year old is totally besotted with him. The constant sound around our house now is her giggling at his antics. It’s a joyous sound.


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