Tesco Mum of the Year 2012

What makes a great mum?
I’ve asked this question before on this blog and had a whole myriad of answers!
This weekend I met eight amazing women. Women who have gone above and beyond the ‘normal’ call of duty of a mother and who throughly deserved to be celebrated.
Women whose stories made a room full of celebrities, journalists and bloggers weep.

I’m not one for ceremonies or awards, but recognising these woman for what they do, and lending them my voice so even more people can see what they have achieved, seems right to me.
Earlier this year I sat in a room and helped judge the winners of this year’s Tesco Mum of the Year awards – a huge privilege.
I read their stories; amazing sacrifice, supreme spirit, the capacity to fight fight fight. Every single one of these women – the winners and the nominees – do what they do for love.

So here is that day in video.

As Denise Lewis says: “They’re not just mums of the year, they are ambassadors for life” and while we all wiped tears from our cheeks at the sacrifice and the loss, I think each and every person at that event felt the positivity charging the room.
You can read all eight winners’ amazing stories on the Tesco website.

But enough of that. What else is there to tell from behind the closed doors of the Waldorf Hotel?

* I clearly don’t watch enough TV because I had to ask who many of the celebrities were. Didn’t stop me photographing their bums mind you.

* I was there with fellow bloggers Becky, Laura, Jacqui and Ellie. We all cried a little bit. We also squealed when Twitter posted inappropriate messages to us using the #tescomumoftheyear hashtag as it appeared in giant letters on the screen in the reception. Sheesh, so childish.

* We chatted to former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton about babies, weight and nipples. She was lovely.

* The audience were treated to live songs from X Factor singer Mary Byrne, Grammy winner Estelle and young sensation Dionne Bromfield. A-mazing.

* Sinitta and EastEnders actor John Partridge were right on the verge of tears as they handed over awards.

* Singer Heidi Range is teeny tiny.

* Celebrities wear utterly ridiculous shoes.

* I sat next to TV presenter Cherry Healy, who saw my name badge on the table and yelled “so YOU’RE Tara Cain. At last, you have a face”. I could have died/kissed her. Both equally inappropriate.

* As the night ended, us bloggers were whisked up to a spare room at the Waldof to slip out of our finery, back into our jeans, ready for the journey home.
Our host slipped the key into the door of room 608 – but oh my,  there standing before us, in his pants, is a very surprised looking gentleman. It was Pixie Lott’s dad and I think the shock of five women standing expectantly in his doorway was either the highlight or the biggest shock of his night.

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