Remembering ALL mothers on Mother’s Day

This is Maria.
When I met her she was heavily pregnant with a ‘surprise’ child, busy looking after her other children and managing her home.
She wore this sunny yellow dress just for us. Her very best outfit.
She was rather shy but had the most wonderful smile.
She thinks she’s about 35 to 40 years old (she’s really not sure) and she lives in Sawa Erma, a remote village in Papua, Indonesia.

Like me, Maria worries about her children’s health, she works and she strives to give her children the best start in life.
But unlike me, she is the mother of seven, lost two of her babies soon after they were born and before now hasn’t had any education about contraception, health and hygiene and basic maternal care.
She lives in the most remote of villages where hospital care is a gruelling two-hour journey away in a dug-out canoe in searing heat.
Life is pretty tough by our standards.

I sat with Maria as UNICEF workers talked to her, helped her and gave her and her children better prospects for the future.
It was a truly amazing experience.
And so this Mother’s Day I will be thinking of Maria and all the other mothers bringing their children up in often desperate circumstances with a smile on their face.

As the world’s largest children’s charity, UNICEF too are helping mums on the other side of the world whose children are at risk of losing their lives through hunger.
Losing their lives through hunger, just think about that for a moment.
Losing their lives through hunger.
That just doesn’t compute over here in the UK.

UNICEF’S nutritional-inspired gifts mean you too could help one of these mums.
A £22 Mother’s Day life-saving basket provides things like therapeutic milk, rehydration salts, vaccines and water purification tablets. They literally could save a life.
The gift of Peanut Paste (£23.50) means you provide a month’s worth of life-saving food which could bring a malnourished child back to health.

I’ve just bough the Mother’s Day basket with my two children, explaining to them why we’re including an extra mum in our celebrations today.

Also this Mother’s Day I’m blogger over on the Tescos website: My Perfect Mother’s Day.
Make sure you share your perfect day!

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